Berlenga Island / Baleal Island / Óbidos Lagoon / Open Tour

Discover the beauty of Peniche from the ocean side.
These tours are for one with already experience from Stand up paddle.

Choose the board and paddle you like to try for the day.

Guided SUP tours to enhance your experience and learn more about the surrounding area.

Berlengas Island TourBaleal Island TourÓbidos Lagoon Tour

Explore Berlenga Island from a paddleboard with guide.


Berlengas Biosphere Reserve is a group of 3 islands 9.1 km from Peniche. The boat tour with us takes 25-30 min and there is a great chance of seeing dolphins on the way.

Around the island there are small beaches and caves to be discovered. The surrounding water are very clean. When snorkeling you can admire reefs and vibrant marine life.

Ilha de BerlengaFor your safety you need to have paddle experience before booking this tour.

The boat departure from Peniche harbour between 9-11 am - Depending on the day you wish to go.

Details about Departure and Arrival time will be presented in our email reply to you.

The Tour includes:

  • Boat transport to and from the island
  • Drink and snack
  • Stand up paddle & Snorkel equipment
  • Neoprene suit if needed (please inform us about each persons length & weight in email)
  • Photos
  • Guide/Instructor

~80 eur~ 5 -5.5 h Tour


Explore this astonishing piece of land from the ocean side. We start our Tour from a hidden little fisherman beach...

The rest is for you to explore...

—Baleal got its name from being a place where whale(s) (“Baleia”, in Portuguese) were captured in the Middle Ages...

The Tour includes:

  • Gear: Board, paddle, leash (and neoprene suit if needed)
  • Transport to and from Baleal
  • Photos
  • Guide/Instructor

~35 Eur~ 1.5 - 2 h Tour

This lagoon is surrounded by forest and light sand. The Lagoon of Óbidos has a very sensitive ecological ecosystem and stretches for about 6 km. It is the largest saltwater lagoon in Portugal. Because of the calm water, throughout the year this is a great spot to practice stand up paddle.


The Tour includes:

  • Lunch and drink
  • Gear: Board, paddle, leash (and neoprene suit if needed)
  • Transport to and from the lagoon
  • Photos
  • Guide/Instructor

~60 Eur~ (Min 4 persons)

~45 Eur~3-3.5 h Tour. Without lunch (Min 2 persons)

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