Barragem São Domingos

The São Domingos Dam is located in the town of Atouguia da Baleia, in the municipality of Peniche. It is the largest municipal property and it is intended for public water supply.

Many of our SUP introduction classes take place here!

This reservoir has a useful storage capacity of about 7.55 million cubic meters [2],
that is, 7.550 million liters of water.

It is a rockfill dam with a clay core, with a length of approximately five kilometers and an average width of three hundred meters.

Barragem São Domingos was financed, in 1985,

by the European Regional Development Fund,
even before Portugal’s accession to the

European Economic Community,
with an estimated value of around 833,000 contos.
The following year, the project was prepared,

so that two years later,
the Program Contract could be signed between the Ministry of Planning and the City Council.

In 1990, civil construction and hydromechanical equipment for the dam began.
1993 the São Domingos dam was completed.