Berlengas Island / Baleal Island / Óbidos Lagoon

Discover the beauty of Peniche, have fun and challenge yourself on a stand up paddleboard.
Stand up paddle is a fun and easy sport to learn when you start in calm water. It´s extremely challenging in waves. Calming in sunset and energizing in sunrise. Your choice.
Stand up paddle can be a calm and peaceful form of gentle exercise or exciting and physically demanding, however you do it, it is great for your body, soul and mind. You can paddle in rivers, on lakes, open water, pools, upwind, downwind - You name it. There are simply so many great ways to enjoy life on a board! You can also join our SUP FITNESS classes if you like. What you imagine- We do

Berlengas Island TourBaleal Island TourÓbidos Lagoon Tour

Explore Berlenga Island from a paddleboard with guide

The most enviorenment friendly way there is to visit! -STAND UP PADDLE EDUCATIONAL TOUR

Arquipélago da Ilha de Berlenga is a group of islands 45 min boatride from Peniche. We go small boat to minimize our environment footprints, also for greater chance of seeing dolphins close. Around the island there are beaches and caves to be discovered by the lucky ones. The surrounding water are very clean. When snorkeling you can admire reefs and vibrant marine life.

We are working hard on keeping it this way by limiting our visits to Ilha de Berlenga.Ilha de Berlenga

There is possible to eat and drink inside the fort. If you like to stay overnight at Forte de São João Baptista, that is also possible. Let us know.
For your safety we recommend you to have paddle experience before booking this trip. (See First time experience)

The boat leaves from Peniche harbour between 9-11 am - Depending on the day you wish to go.

Details about Departure and Arrival time will be presented in our email reply to you.

  • Boat transport to and from the island
  • Non alcoholic refreshment and snack
  • Paddle & snorkel equipment
  • Wetsuit if needed (please inform us about your lenght & weight in email)
  • RESTUBE belt
  • Photos
  • Island history

~80 eur~


Watch this astonishing piece of land from the ocean side. We´ll start our journey from a hidden little fisherman beach...

The rest is for you to explore...

—Baleal got its name from being a centre where whale(s) (“Baleia”, in Portuguese) were butchered and cut in the Middle Ages...

~35 eur~


This lagoon it´s surrounded by quiet walks and beautiful cycle tracks. The Lagoon of Óbidos has a very sensitive ecological ecosystem. After this Tour it is possible to enjoy a glass of local wine and fresh clams (from the Lagoon!)

The tour includes:


  • Healthy BBQ lunch and non alcoholic drink
  • Photos


  • Gear: SUP board, paddle, leash, lifejacket or RESTUBE belt if you wish and wetsuit if needed
  • Transport 
  • Insurance
  • Photos


  • 60 eur  per person - Minimum 4 persons
  • 45 eur  per person - Beginner lesson without lunch in the Lagoon (Minimum 2 persons)


Book now your lesson !

We will bring you to the best SUP spot of the day in the area around Peniche.