Join us for a lesson – We´ll give you a day to remember!
Explore Peniche, have fun and challenge yourself on a stand up paddleboard.
SUP is fun and easy to learn.
It´s a good overall workout and a large part of SUP is balance.
Stand up paddle can be a calm and peaceful form of gentle exercise or exciting and physically demanding, however you do it, it is great for your body and mind. You can paddle on flatwater, in rivers, open water and surf in waves. You can try SUP Yoga.
Challenge your practice by taking it to the water. With the sea beneath you, this will be the yoga class of your lifetime! Classes are tailored to the group and individuals can go at their own peace.

Beginner Lesson

Peniche is a peninsula and we can always find calm water suitable for SUP on either the north or the south side. There is also calm lakes nearby where we normally go if it´s the first time you try stand up paddle.


The lesson includes:

  • Warm up
  • Gear: SUP board, paddle, leash and wetsuit if needed
  • Transport 
  • Insurance
  • Entering/Exit the board safetly
  • Proper turnings
  • Paddle technique
  • How to get up on the board if you fall into the water
  • Playtime


  • 35 eur per person
  • (See our discounts if you like to take more then 1 lesson)

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We will bring you to the best SUP spot of the day in the area around Peniche.